Lucy Badman Raises Money For Bristol ARC

On the 15th September 2018, a Proper Job employee, Lucy Badman raised money and took part in Bristol ARC’s Water Rescue event at Bristol Harbourside.

Lucy first came across Bristol ARC at the Bristol Harbour side Festival, the newfoundland dogs were doing a rescue display and they asked for volunteers to hold the dogs, she jumped at the opportunity to take part and immediately fell in love with them!!

Lucy loves animals and has adopted 3 cats herself, She decided she wanted to do more for these animals and when she found out about the rescue fundraising event she decided it was something she could do to help care for the animals, as well as pushing herself as she has a fear of water!

“It was one of the most nerve racking but best experience of my life and I feel so proud to have done it!!” Lucy explained after the event.

She has raised an amazing amount of £105 for the charity, and if anyone wishes to donate or get involved like Lucy has, the link to the charity page in below.

Simply click on the link and have a look at all of the astonishing work this charity does.


Photos credited to Bristol ARC & Yvette Robertshaw Photography.