Car Oil 15w/40 D-Max 5L

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"D-Max" 15w/40 Diesel Engine Oil

Demonstrating the Highest Level of Protection and Lubrication Performance over extended periods of service such as is encountered by the demands of present day motor engineering and motoring conditions, which have necessitated the rapid advancement of Lubricating Oil design and performance.

Recommended for all passenger car applications petrol or diesel, including high performance turbo-charged engines. This product can also be used extensively as a mixed fleet performance engine oil in light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles requiring an engine oil with exceptional performance.

Blended using Highest Quality base stocks and the most up to date products in additive technology, ensures outstanding performance in the following areas:-

Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance
Exceptional Long Term Anti-Wear Characteristics
Very High Standard of Engine Cleanliness
Long Lasting Dispersant Performance and Corrosion Protection
Excellent Sludge Control for Stop Go City Motoring
High Temperature Protection against Ring Sticking, maintaining oil performance, reduced oil consumption and emissions

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